More Monckton invention: what Myles Allen didn’t say

By Gareth Renowden 11/04/2013

Poor old Chris. The discount Viscount has not been having a happy time with the New Zealand press, as my Sciblogs colleague Peter Griffin noted in Monckton’s nightmare week in New Zealand last week. According to the Waikato TImes, he may even be about to hang up his sceptic spurs1. He was given a much more gentle ride by the SunLive news web site in Tauranga, who were pleased to give him a chance to continue to misrepresent and misdirect in a video interview posted yesterday. As ever, I watched it so you wouldn’t have to…

Here’s Monckton putting words in the mouth of Myles Allen:

Interestingly, Dr Myles Allen from Oxford University, who’s been right in the tank for the extremist presentations of how much [warming] we might see, he’s been saying, ooh, we’re going to get 5ºC of warming for sure. He came out just last week and said – no, that can’t be right, with 17 – 23 years without any global warming at all then we’re looking more at perhaps a maximum of 2ºC warming over this century, and that, frankly, is not enough to do any particular damage.

Two degrees “not enough to do any particular damage” is (of course) complete nonsense, but it is the words the potty peer puts in Myles Allen’s mouth that are the flat out inventions. Monckton is probably referring to a piece of David Rose tosh in the Daily Mail that so grievously misrepresented Allen’s views that he took the time to pen a reply for The Guardian. Here’s what Allen has to say about likely warming this century:

…even if the “climate sensitivity” is as low as 2C, as some lines of evidence now suggest, we would still be looking at 4C plus by the early 22nd century.

The reason is that there is plenty of fossil carbon down there, and we keep finding more: the Japanese have just demonstrated how to mine sub-ocean methane clathrates. And as other carbon pools fill up, an increasing fraction of the carbon we dump in the atmosphere stays there, in effect, forever (unless our grandchildren decide to pump it out again).

In other words, Monckton is badly misrepresenting Allen’s views, and presumably hoping that no-one down here in little old New Zealand will notice. Just like he was hoping that no-one would notice his lies about the Arctic. No doubt the Flat Earth Society will approve of his tactics…

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