By Victoria Metcalf 13/10/2016

In a post-normal science world how we engage is fundamentally important. Next Tuesday Twitter users will have the opportunity to discuss meaningful engagement in a combined #scicommnz #scichatnz chat.

SciCommNZ chats, using the hashtag #scicommnz, are where a community of scientists, science communicators and science educators meet on Twitter once a month. The chat aim is to discuss how science is being communicated in New Zealand and beyond. Scichatnz chats, using the hashtag #scichatnz, are a fortnightly chat for science educators.

Next Tuesday 18th October at 20:30 NZT, the two highly popular chats will combine for a special themed session on “Meaningful engagement”.

I’ll be hosting and  Matt Nicoll of Rolleston High School and representing @SciChatNZ will be Agent Provocateur.

We’ll be using a slightly different format in keeping with our theme of meaningful engagement, to promote deeper discussion. There will be three discussion topics on this theme (each for 15 min) and then a final synthesis topic (10 min). And unlike our typical chats where the questions are released as the chat progresses, this time we’ll let you come prepared, through release of the topics here ahead of time.

The chat discussion topics

Discussion Topic 1: What does meaningful engagement feel like to you?

Discussion Topic 2: How do you ensure meaningful engagement occurs within the confines of a classroom/lecture theatre/timeframe etc?

Discussion Topic 3: How do you promote engagement and its importance to others? (pay it forward/share/teach/engage about engagement)

Synthesis & Action Topic: Learning by doing – from this discussion what will you change as a result? What is your new vision? What needs to change to make that happen?

I will tweet with all tweets hashtagged with these three hashtags #scicommnz #scichatnz #scicommnzq (so that you can pick out our question tweets from everyone’s replies). We’ll provide more guidance on the night and lots of thought provoking discussion.

We really want to make a difference to science engagement, education and scicomm in New Zealand. If you’re a regular #scicommnz &/or #scichatnz contributor we’d love to see you in the Twittersphere for the chat. If you’ve never joined in one before and it sounds of interest, we’d love for you to join us.

*Our standard guide for #scicommnz chats can be found here, although as outlined above our format will vary a little for this special chat.