1Above: the world’s first aerotonic flight beverage. Seriously.

By Siouxsie Wiles 15/01/2011

I’ve just arrived in Vancouver* and had the pleasure of sampling Auckland airport’s revamped international departure lounge.

More comfy seating, more shops, a rather scrummy gelato bar and then bam. I was (visually) assaulted by a flashing blue display for something called 1Above**. The world’s first aerotonic** flight beverage, apparently. According to the press release, 1Above** was “designed, formulated, bottled and developed in New Zealand” and launched at Auckland airport in early December “where it is sold exclusively to international travelers”.

Like me, you might be wondering what an aerotonic** beverage is. Back to the press release:

Developed specifically for flying, 1Above is lightly flavoured, low in calories and deeply refreshing. It delivers fast electrolyte-enhanced hypotonic hydration, grapeflo (a unique blend of circulation-supporting polyphenol extracts like those found in red wine) and essential daily nutrients, all of which may be depleted whilst traveling. Aimed at naturally supporting the body against the impact of jet lag and cold/flu or circulation issues, each bottle contains a balanced range of electrolytes, 67-133% of your daily B vitamins, 67% of your daily vitamin C needs and is high in polyphenol extracts, which have been shown to be important in a diet designed to support the circulation.

Right. I think I’ve got it. You need to stay hydrated. And this low-cal mix of vitamins and stuff should protect you from jetlag, infection and deep vein thrombosis. Hmmmm. I can’t find anything on the website that says they have tested it in any way.

Apparently 1Above** sells for 6.50 NZD a litre and the staff work out how much you need depending on your length of travel. According to the website you need to drink 200-400 mL preflight and then 200-300 mL per hour of flight time. You then get it in a quite nice blue flask type container. They appeared to be selling like hotcakes. Although I’m not sure what the capacity of the flask was but it didn’t look like one would be enough for the 13h flight from Auckland to Vancouver for which you would need between 2.8 and 4.3L. The guy in the seat next to me bought a bottle but I didn’t see him drink it once during the flight….. As for me, I drank plenty of water*** which the lovely flight attendants were constantly walking up and down the aisles offering.

*For a conference on tuberculosis, which I may try posting some highlights about.


***Admittedly not 4L of the stuff….

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  • If it’s got all that stuff in it, I wonder just how hypotonic it actually is… (assuming ‘hypotonic’ = ‘hypotonic compared to body fluids)

  • I have always wondered when marketing overtakes innovation. I suspect it does in this case. I have always wanted to sell dehydrated water. Just the bottle with – maybe – a sprinkle of salt and suger in the bottom. Think about the transport cost savings. AND, if it too was sold at airports, the FULL cost of the weight gets transferred to the air carrier. Perfect.

    PS – how does/did it manage to get through the security issues of bottled fluids????

  • LOL – I can still remember a friend of mine, ages ago, who was preparing for a tramp around Waikaremoana. Her husband was talking about the weight of their packs & she commented that perhaps this would be less if they carried dehydrated water with them 🙂

  • I live in Auckland and have tried the drink, it actually works, I bought 2 bottles the other day for a short trip as I was quit thirsty, I arrived quite refreshed compared to other flights, even short ones.

    Considering that as you rightly pointed out staying hydrated is important, the only place to get water these days is past customs and 1Above might work out to be cheaper than water! considering you get 1L for $6.50 plus you get added benefits so even if it’s not a miracle drink, it’s gotta be better and perhaps more cost effective than water 🙂

  • Hi
    I’ve just traveled back to UK after visiting family in Wanganui.
    I bought one bottle of 1Above in Auckland drank it & numerous cups of water during the flight to Heathrow via LA, can’t believe no jet lag!
    Will certainly buy it again.

    • Hi Rose.

      I’m curious as to what the capacity of their bottle is? Did they really work out how much you needed based on your flight time? NZ to LA is about a 12 hour flight so by their recommendations you would need between 2.6 and 4L. The bottles didn’t look that big to me!

  • @Rose

    I’m trying to work out if you are serious, or making the point that the numerous cups of water probably also played a role in no jet lag.

  • I chanced upon this miracle drink last time I was at Auckland airport . I happened to see some jaded looking male trying then buying a flask full. I had a life threatening hangover and he looked like he did too , so I thought that I would try the drink out. I had a sample from the sales assistant and as it didnt make me throw up (which I felt I was in danger of doing in the nearest pot plant !) I bought a flask. I then went and sat down and started drinking it – yes I know it is meant to be for jet lag , but hey – I was only flying to Oz. I needed something now !! WOW – 20 minutes and half a flask later I felt amazing , hangover all gone !! I would love to market this stuff as a hangover cure because that is how good it was. I am no longer afraid of having a huge night out before I fly out of NZ. I only wish they sold it everywhere !!!

  • Recently I travelled Auckland to Singapore then on to Vietnam after a short 5 hour stopover. My husband and I bought a bottle each and supplemented with water on the plane to drink a couple of litres each. Easily as cost effective as bottled water for sale in the departure lounge. The taste is a little odd, but refreshing, the bottles are perfectly shaped to slide into the side of your inflight luggage, or have a handy clip which attaches to the outside of a back pack. The lid is a drinking cup. Brilliant design! Once empty and washed out they became our favourite drink bottles while travelling. We were refreshed, no jetlag, and rearing to do when we got to Asia. I would thoroughly recommend this beverage, as a great hydrator for long flights. Would love to buy it at Wellington airport too.

  • I tried a bottle of this on a flight from Auckland to Guangzhou.I have to say I thought it didn’t do anything for me that i couldn’t have got just from drinking the water already provided on the flight.As far as I’m concerned it was wasted weight & I wonder about the extra fuel burnt as a result of carrying an unnecessary product.

  • My husband and I bought a bottle each and supplemented with water on the plane to drink a couple of litres each. and a great hydrator for long flights

    Since Bette bought one bottle of the product & drank water also to a total volume of 2L, then hydration would be expected…

  • My question to those of you who swear by this miracle drink; do you normally drink plenty of water? Or is it the effect of drinking water in general that is making you feel great not necessarily 1above. If you eat well and drink lots of water the same effects should be gained in my opinion. If however 1above helps people to be more mindful of drinking water then it probably is worth the money.

  • Did a 18 hour flight and loved the drink. Not sure if it would actually work, but for the 1st didn’t suffer jetlag on the other end. Bought refills, so had some for flight back. Actually looking for the web site now, to buy for my next trip. Great taste when it’s icy cold!
    Normally drink lots of fluids on flights.

  • Sam, Lets assume you are a regular flyer. Did this flight take off the same time as others? Morning? Evening? Did you fly east or west? Did you have a break somewhere in the “18 hour flight”? Did you arrive in the morning at your destination? Evening?

  • I bought in Auckland 2 of these bottles befora a flight to L.A. and from there to London. One of them I drunk at Auckland, the other one during the flight to L.A. Instead of a 36-hour-trip ( I continued the trip to Budapest ) and a total time shift of 12 hours I had no jetlag afterwards. Therefore, I hope, this drink will be available soon at all airports.

  • I am a Canadian living in NZ and have travelled numerous times back and forth…. very long flights. October 2012 I returned to Canada and decided to try 1 Above for the first time. I always carry a water bottle and do drink plenty of fluids while flying. I was amazed at how good I felt when I landed in L.A. a11 1/2 hr flight. I was now dissappointed that I didn’t by extra concentrates for my flight across Canada. This truly helps much more than just water. I wonder if they will deliver 1 above to Canada for my flight back. Hope they roll it out soon !!!

  • Having traveled from Aucks to Perth,couple wks ago ,I brought
    A bottle plus extra refills n drank the whole bottle on my 7 hr flight and had no jet lag ,tiredness at all.Got home out for dinner,still awake 4hrs later. I have used all my refills as I do fifo and I now need more refills.i think it’s a great drink n it’s taste is awesome BUT can’t refills in Oz,buy online m/be

  • @ Chris and Siouxsie , I am not from the marketing team and i can tell you this much it isn’t a cure for everything but this stuff actually does really help and i use it regularly.Try it for yourselves before you form an opinion 🙂

  • I have brought and will buy again… 🙂 as long as it will also be available on the Christchurch airport. I do recommend it and no I am not payed by the company.

  • Got to Thailand from Auckland, New Zealand, I was told about this amazing drink so bought some pre-flight, drank the recommended amount of 1ABOVE, I so recommend this product, ABSOLUTELY NO JET LAG. Our flying has not impacted on our honeymoon at all. Having a wonderful time and feel great. I would sell 1above myself if I could get a franchise, I believe in this product. Happy travelling people. 🙂

  • Amazing – NZ to Thailand with no feel of time differential except for heat component affecting a bit of sleep pattern. Have travelled extensively and this is the best adapting I have had with such a lag involved, will use every time.

  • Hi, I saw 1above for the first time last July when I was travelling Auckland to Wellington to a big martial arts event in Tokyo. I took it out of curiosity (anything that can help me be ready for intense training in a martial art which is Kendo – you wear 10kg of gear and do intense lunging and yelling) travelling from NZ winter into deep Japanese summer – I wanted to see how it would go. Now the last time I did this kind of trip I took 2 days to recover and was like a limp rag in any Kendo training that occurred within 24 hours of my arrival. I took 1above and not only left the airplane with a spring in my step but felt fine, like no difference and my ability to perform my martial art in the first 24 hours was ‘normal’ no draining feeling or sense of jetlag. This included the change from cold to hot. I am NOT part of the marketing team but for the last year I have had the large and small bottles around my desk (the large one is a great drink bottle for water) and to remind me to take it when I travel. Please 1above, open stores at Wellington and Christchurch airports as I rarely travel from Auckland. And for any detractors, I challenge you to buy this reasonably priced supplement and then put your opinions on line.

  • Hi, I have been travelling from NZ to the UK and back again in Business class twice a year for nearly 20 years now and I tried the 1 Above for the first time this trip (August 2014). WOW this was the only time I have arrived at Heathrow and had no jetlag and chatted with my family till 11pm – normally I can’t get passed 7pm and have been yawning for an hour by then!! Next day was even better – often the next day is even worse for me.

    I always fly Air NZ and always via L.A. with no stop over, I am like a robot now with these trips so I can fairly judge the difference after using 1 Above. I have nothing to do with the 1 Above brand or company. I was gutted that I didn’t buy any for the return trip. I actually quite enjoy being jet-lagged since I can catch up with work etc so I wasn’t bothered if it did or didn’t work. I always, always, always drink lots of water. I always sleep well in business class and I only ever have 1 small glass of port with my cheese and biscuits. So hydration was never an issue for me but Jet-lag was always present.

    I’m sold and will use it again for sure, for the price of this drink next to the overall cost of a Business Class return ticket for one of the longest trips on the planet it is an absolute no-brainer.

    Can’t believe I have written so much but I genuinely wanted to share my experience. I am almost tempted to fly premium economy in the future and if 1 Above keeps me arriving in tip top condition then it would have saved me thousands of dollars.

    Anyway I have done my sharing so all that is left for me to say is that I wish the product and all those who use it the very best of British and Kiwi !!

  • I bought some at Melbourne airport prior to a recent trip to the UK. I bought enough to do me for the return leg too. I was very pleased with the results and will definitely use it on my next trip

  • Several years on, golfer Lydia Ko has signed up with them as a major sponsor and the company are promoting their product via offering a competition with the winner getting a trip to watch her play in South Korea. I’d love a chance to visit South Korea again, but having to promote this stuff to have that tiny chance…

  • I do regular long haul travel Perth to USA east coast, and buy 1Above in Sydney airport. Today I am sitting in the lounge in Dallas feeling so much better than my companions as we wait for our delayed flight. I am a scientist so was sceptical and I usually drink tons of water anyway. This stuff is incredibly refreshing and takes away the parched feeling I usually have no matter how much plain water I drink. I am sold! And I will be getting the effervescent tablets online.