And then came the conspiracy theories….

By Siouxsie Wiles 08/06/2011

Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities

So says Mike Adams, also known as the ‘Health Ranger’, a “natural health researcher, author and award-winning journalist with a mission to teach personal and planetary health to the public“. He has just posted this astonishing article on his blog.

Where do we begin? Lets start with a little background. As most people will be aware, there is currently a major outbreak of a particularly deadly strain of E. coli going on in Europe. The current death toll stands at 22 people with thousands infected and nearly 700 suffering serious complications. As yet, the source hasn’t been identified but is believed to be vegetables of some kind, which can become contaminated in a variety of ways. The University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf and BGI (formerly known as Beijing Institute of Genomics)-Shenzhen rapidly set about sequencing the genome of the E. coli strain involved. The sequence information indicates that the bacterium carries one of the Shiga toxin genes, responsible for the development of Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS) which can lead to anaemia, kidney failure and death. The sequence information also suggests that the bacterium is resistant to at least 8 different types of antibiotics.

According to the ‘Health Ranger’:

The evidence now points to this deadly strain of e.coli being engineered and then either being released into the food supply or somehow escaping from a lab and entering the food supply inadvertently.

Wait for it…..

It’s all problem, reaction, solution at work here. First cause a PROBLEM (a deadly strain of e.coli in the food supply). Then wait for the public REACTION (huge outcry as the population is terrorized by e.coli). In response to that, enact your desired SOLUTION (total control over the global food supply and the outlawing of raw sprouts, raw milk and raw vegetables).

There is more…

Now, remember: All this is happening on the heels of the EU ban on medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements — a ban that blatantly outlaws nutritional therapies that help keep people healthy and free from disease. Now that all these herbs and supplements are outlawed, the next step is to make people afraid of fresh food, too. That’s because fresh vegetables are medicinal, and as long as the public has the right to buy fresh vegetables, they can always prevent disease.

But if you can make people AFRAID of fresh vegetables — or even outlaw them altogether — then you can force the entire population onto a diet of dead foods and processed foods that promote degenerative disease and bolster the profits of the powerful drug companies.

For those who don’t know, the EU ban Mike is referring to is the EU Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products, a pro-consumer ruling which requires traditional, over-the-counter herbal remedies to be made to assured standards of safety and quality and for regulations to be standardised across Europe. Naturally, the woo peddlers are up in arms, yelling it will drive them out of business and ‘force’ patients to take Big Pharma products.

So who do you think the ‘Health Ranger’ thinks is responsible for engineering this superbug? You guessed it. Big Pharma.

…the most likely explanation of where this strain of e.coli was bioengineered is that the drug giants came up with it in their own labs. Who else has access to all the antibiotics and equipment needed to manage the targeted mutations of potentially thousands of e.coli colonies? The drug companies are uniquely positioned to both carry out this plot and profit from it.

But wait, there is a solution!

In fact, these strains of e.coli superbugs can be quite readily treated with a combination of natural full-spectrum antibiotics from plants such as garlic, ginger, onions and medicinal herbs. On top of that, probiotics can help balance the flora of the digestive tract and “crowd out” the deadly e.coli that might happen by. A healthy immune system and well-functioning digestive tract can fight off an e.coli superbug infection, but that’s yet another fact the medical community doesn’t want you to know.

I don’t know whether to weep or laugh. It’s much more likely that this strain of E. coli has been hanging around in the environment, swapping bits of DNA with other bacteria, or indeed becoming infected with a virus, which is one of the ways E. coli can pick up Shiga toxins. With the amount of antibiotics released into the environment (just think how much is used in high production farming methods), its a wonder that something like this hasn’t happened earlier. Bacteria don’t need evil scientists in the pay of Big Pharm to turn them into superbugs. They are perfectly capable of doing it by themselves.

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  • I see you followed my lead 🙂

    While it is extraordinarily silly, I wouldn’t say this is astonishing coming from Adams. From what I’ve read this is pretty much what to expect from him.

  • Oh yeah this is a conspiracy to believe that the government hasn’t already invented infectious diseases. Lyme disease is one alone. Our government are in bed with Big Pharma & Big Agra. They dictate the laws they need to take full control of our food supply and our natural healing. I cured my arthritis in knee by natural solutions not by medicine that I have been dealing with the pain for over 15 years and i am young. So don’t consider that it could definitely be true not a conspiracy. Follow the money that is the conspiracy idiot!!!

    • Thanks for dropping in Mario. Its interesting that you think Lyme disease was ‘invented’. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by a few different species of Borrelia. It is transmitted to humans via a bite from an infected tick. Call me naive, but I think if the government/Big Pharma/Big Agra were going to invent a disease they would choose something a little easier.

  • Mario, would you care to clarify how you think “the government” invented lyme disease?
    Would you also mind sharing what natural solution you used to cure your arthritis?

  • “Follow the money that is the conspiracy idiot!!!”

    Not quite sure I understand this poorly structured sentence but if you mean that conspiracy can be detected by looking at those who profit from it, it is worth pointing out that the “natural medicine” industry is a multi-million (billion?) dollar enterprise, which rakes in a lot of money while doing very little research to prove its utility. On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies spend billions in research developing their medicines.

  • Conspiracy theorists love to suggest that the Evil People in Power (Bilderbergers, Lizard People or whoever) want to kill a lot of the population off, which makes no sense at all, because if a lot of the poopulation was killed off, who would Big Pharma sell their drugs to? Furthermore the Evil People in Power invariably include all branches of Big Business, and the last thing Big Business would want is a huge drop in the size of the labour force. When that happened as a result of the Black Death, surviving labourers became able to demand much higher wages and better living conditions.

  • In a similar vein, in today’s DomPost, Poison Free NZ’s spokesman Paul Cohen says that those that support the use of 1080 for pest control are ‘pushing a corporate agenda’. I have yet to read a remotely convincing explanation of why a group such as Forest and Bird, who are very much in support of 1080 as a vital conservation tool, would have any interest in a corporate agenda.

  • Carol: or, indeed, the iwi representatives who have indicated that they will revisit a proposed bill to outlaw use of 1080 in light of the Commissioner’s report.

  • Yes, I was impressed that the iwi representatives were sufficiently undogmatic to allow for this change of heart.

  • Thanks Souxsie. One other claim he makes is that the antibiotic resistance genes must come one at a time… wrong.

    For the record, some years ago I wrote a guest editorial for New Ethicals on the safety of GE foods. An observation I made (that has been obvious for years) is that nature is well capable of causing havoc without our help and as we move more to the lesser regulated, locally-grown / locally-sold produce, we have to be prepared for more of this type of event. The example I chose (and I hope it never happens) is ergotism. A poisoning custom designed for the X-files. I will never, ever, ever eat llocally-grown / locally-sold rye bread.

  • Hey David, It did indeed happen on the X-Files. IIRC Agent Scully got ergot poisoning from bright red home-made tattoo ink when she got a tattoo.

    Not that I was an X-files nut or anything…