Holistic (aka hocum) technology: YCTinside®

By Siouxsie Wiles 19/11/2011

Reading through the November edition of the Ponsonby News I came across an advert for the Pawtect Pendant, an

“…innovative, natural solution designed to control fleas and ticks…”

Not only that, this chemical-free pendant which just clips onto a pet’s collar, comes in two convenient sizes (Petite for cats and dogs 800g to 25kg [RRP 87 NZD)] and Grande for dogs 10-50kg [RRP 97 NZD]) and lasts up to two years

“…supports a healthy skin and coat, it assists with the elimination of skin irritations and allergies, improves and strengthens immunity and encourages a naturally calm and content demeanour…”

So how does it work, I hear you ask? According to the advert:

“Pawtect uses proven bioenergetic technology and combines quantum physics and homeopathic principles to stimulate your pet’s natural processes and return them to a harmonious state.”

So I’m guessing this is the homeopathic principle of containing nothing. Or maybe its ‘like cures like’ in which case perhaps it contains a really small squashed flea? But I must say I was stumped by what bit of quantum physics it might be combined with. So I headed off to the website and there was introduced to YCTinside® technology. I can honestly say I almost fell of the sofa. The description reads like Google Translate gone hideously wrong. If anyone can decode it for me I would love to hear from them.

“The YCT principle which is independent of place, time and person and complies with the scientific standard.
The effect YCT does not use any electric, magnetic, chemical, thermal or radioactive energy, but works with natural vibration pulses — explainable analogously or ion radiation dotation.

YCTinside® technology works in the quantum range (quantum = energy carrier) and its main purpose is to take effect on the body’s information systems. If there is no harmony in the body, a physical or mental symptom occurs, this condition is based on a dysfunction in the elementary vibration condition of atoms and molecules.

With YCTinside® technology it is possible to modulate the ‘energetic matrix’ to organic and inorganic substances of selectable substances = ‘information transfer’. The information transfer is based on the ‘vibration principle’. The initial matter used to transfer information can be liquid or solid or of organic or inorganic origin. The energies of a living cell are in direct relation to the processes of life, they are light energy parts called biophotons in physics.
YCTinside activates the biophotons in our body with a targeted catalytic effect. This stimulates the natural processes and leads them to their origin.

Genetic manipulations are not possible. The biophotons emit a so-called ‘coherent light’ which can nowadays be made visible with state-of-the-art scientific equipment (e.g. ‘residual light amplifiers’). Coherent light is a particularly energy-rich photon light (laser light, for instance), which is characterised by the fact that it has at least two equal, linked frequencies with the same constant phase difference and runs through the location at the same
time in a coupled manner.

Our body predominantly consists of photons. Body cells communicate with one another by the means of light (biophotons).
As the biophoton level (quantum fields) is superordinate to matter and controls it, all life processes run with biophotons. With suitable bio information, the body’s own regeneration systems are subject to training and healing processes initiated.

Only an electrically immaculately working cell can meet its disposal obligations in the metabolism. Otherwise the immune system gradually weakens. People become ever more prone to disease. External substances even in the nano range build up in the body and can no longer be recognised or broken down by a cell working at reduced capacity.

An ‘activation of the cell‘ with YCTinside® technology results in the energy level (= immune defence) being raised and the cell better supplied with nutrients and oxygen. The plus pole voltage (+) of the cell core and the minus pole voltage (-) of the cell shell are in the balance in a healthy cell. If the atoms assume electrons, they become negative ions. If atoms emit electrons, they become positive ions. If the electric charge is reduced in a cell and if the fall below a certain level of ion exchange, the cell separation is reduced, i.e. weak, sick cells are created.

With the help of YCTinside® technology we have managed to address both poles at the same time. This form of energy is called a nil conductor or standard energy.

The transfer of quantum-physically prepared information with YCTinside® technology is performed via the antenna system of the skin, which are also called plaques. These plaques (minute geometrical figures) are on and slightly below the skin and regulate as the central energy points all important bodily functions via a neuronal network. It runs approx. 0.5 to 1 mm under the surface of the skin and regulates all important control functions in the information exchange between the universe and human organism.

With photons (form or increase with the frequency range of YCTinside® technology), i.e. mass-less light quantums as the smallest, crystalline information carriers, additional cosmic frequencies are transmitted via the lymphatic system directly into the top layer of the skin.

Photons are transmitted via sense cells in the organism, fine-texture levels of the aura, antenna systems of the skin’s alarm points, retina of the eye and the plant colorants included in foods. These pulses are transmitted to certain parts of the brain, where they trigger sorting, processing and memorising processes which result in corresponding reactions and organ reactions.
With the help of YCTinside® technology universal frequencies are transmitted via electromagnetic vibrations. In the human organism these positively aligned pulses have a constructive and strengthening effect on the self-healing process of the bodily functions.”

Eh? I recognise the biophoton waffle. This seems to refer to the German physicist Dr Fritz-Albert Popp who believes every living cell emits light (‘biophotons’), that DNA is the likely source of this light and that is is the means by which all communication occurs between cells and forms the basis of health and disease. I think he means auras. Interestingly, as my research field is biophotonic imaging, I was recently sent a paper to review about ‘biophoton signatures’ and the potential to use them to diagnose disease. People in this field seem to self-publish prolifically but what they always fail to mention is the fact that non-living things have a ‘biophotonic signature’ too when you image them using really sensitive cameras. I’m still waiting for them to tell me where the DNA of a plastic 96 well plate is, and whether it is sick or healthy.

The website finishes off with a very bold claim:

“Even negative information which cause sickness can be corrected with vibration pulses with the help of YCTinside® technology and restored to a positive condition of the physical body. As a rule, every dysfunction of human control cycles can be balanced in this way, which means that every disease could be cured.”

When I Googled YCTinside I found a website selling a similar pendant in America, but at least they state that their pendant

“…is not to be considered a diagnostic tool, a treatment, cure or preventative device for any disease or symptom.”

And regarding the description of the technology? They make

“no representations, warranties or assurances as to its accuracy, currency or completeness.”

I’m just left wondering why they believe it only lasts two years? Will the bullshit run out after that or something?

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  • Or maybe its ‘like cures like’ in which case perhaps it contains a really small squashed flea?

    No, no, no.

    It’d follow from

    “So nat’ralists observe, a flea
    Hath smaller fleas that on him prey,
    And these have smaller fleas that bite ’em,
    And so proceed ad infinitum.”

    They’d take a flea from the back of a pet, and find on that a littler flea, and then from that littler flea, they’d find on it’s back an even littler flea… you get the idea, a serial reduction of flea sizes in a living-body variant of the homeopathic principal of serial dilutions – the very littlest flea would then be used to ensure the fleadom [sic] of the dog.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  • Gaahh…

    Just when my neurones are recovering from Saturday night, Sunday morning brings this. Some of my neurones shut down from the insult and may never recover!

    Even Sunday brunch didn’t make it any more intelligible. It makes me wonder about the education, intellect and even ethical intentions of the marketers of the “Pawtect” product.

  • It might be salutary to find out how many they actually sold, especially in Ponsonby that hive of our captains of industry and commerce.

  • Sounds a bit like the Q-link pendant that was being hawked in the UK (& presumably elsewhere) a few years ago).

  • it’s well.

    96 times over 🙂

    Back on topic, I couldn’t help consider that the wording is entirely cynical, i.e. purely made up as marketing nonsense knowing full well it means nothing. It’s thought, anyway.

  • My cat has been wearing a pawtect for over 8months now and I haven’t had to chemically treat fleas since he stared wearing it. No change of location, food, or anything else. I have since recommended the product to a number of friends and family and they too are experiencing these positive results.

    If it isn’t the pawtect what could it be! ?

    • Hi Ruth

      Let’s have a think. Were you using anything else before you got a pawdent? Eight months ago puts us back to June which is the start of winter. Where are you based as temperature is quite important? Fleas survive above 21 degrees. Humidity is also really important, it needs to be above 70% for eggs to hatch and above 50% for larvae to survive.

      Honestly, if the manufacturers say it contains quantum frequencies and homeopathic ingredients, then by definition it has no active ingredients and is just a nice (but expensive) pendent.

      One way it could make you believe it is working is known as confirmation bias, where you expect a result and therefore see it, regardless of whether it is real or not.

      More likely, if there really are no fleas, its due to seasonal differences in flea densities due to temperature and humidity. If your cat is out and about I’d expect it to start picking up fleas now that summer is here. Saying that, if all your neighbours are treating their animals with vet-prescribed flea treatments that actually contain the pesticides that kill developing and hatched fleas, then your cat is probably benefiting from the resulting drop in local flea populations. If they all start turning to pawdent then it probably won’t be long before the fleas are back.

  • Hi Ruth & Siouxsie,

    I have a cat too 🙂

    I’ve been lazy and until recently not bothered to do the flea meds, but she has had no fleas. No collar of any sort.

    If I had put a collar on her, it might have looked as if the collar was preventing the fleas on the face of it, but in practice it would have been the same without the collar, she just wasn’t getting the fleas anyway.

  • Got to agree with Grant, I have 5 dogs.
    Haven’t treated them for fleas for years and don’t have a problem.

    That whole lack of a control thing is a real problem. Maybe you could get a second cat and only use a pendant on one? 🙂

  • Thanks for the replies everyone although I’d have to say that I was more than a little put out by the confirmation bias comment – as if I would not see the fleas when I checked him just because I wanted the product to work! – while you could have a point with psychosomatic influences in humans wearing something or taking something and then claiming to feel better the argument doesn’t work when it comes to the physical presence of fleas on a cat.

    I live in the upper north island and have been in the same house for 3 years. Previous to pawtect I was treating my cat with a chemical treatment from the vet every month (yes there were fleas which is why I kept up the treatment)

    You make the point about winter and humidity – did you know even polar bears have fleas? According to google and our local
    vet fleas have been bad during 2011/2012 and with relative humidity levels of 74-84% recorded during the calendar year as
    well as hedgehogs, birds and other animals all spreading fleas
    (from pupae thru the different life stages) I think i’ll stick with the
    pawtect just the same thanks. It is waaaaayyy cheaper than the nasty chemical treatments and has been effective for me and my friends and interestingly neighbors too!

    Grant you mention you hadn’t treated your cat until recently – you could give pawtect a go and then comment from experience???

    Thanks all good luck with your science – speaking from first hand experience it works!

  • Ruth,

    you mention you hadn’t treated your cat until recently – you could give pawtect a go and then comment from experience???

    I was pointing out that she had no fleas without any treatment. Perhaps re-read my comment – you don’t appear to have “gotten” what I was saying.

    About testing it – anecdotes ‘from experience’ on their own don’t provide evidence that something works or not as they don’t consider alternative reasons – for example simply never getting fleas anyway, regardless of a collar or not.

    (My cat is an example of this.)

    I have been considering writing a post explaining anecdotes and evidence for a few days now, as several commenters on sciblogs recently have been making mistakes with this. If you drop back later in the week I might have something up. (No hard promises, though; I’m trying to do too much at once!)

  • Did some research because I know the person that brought the technology to NZ. Its hard when most of it is in german, but I’ve found one actual (small) study done on the website of the company that owns the technology. Have emailed them and asked for more.

    Interested to hear everyones thoughts. (note: the page was translated from german so reads a bit funny)

    TEST REPORT ISIS-Institute, Münster (D) No 22/208/1/0892-RSNK-1

    Double-blind study with 100 persons on the impact of YCTinside technology using the example of the energy chips in the SEE Energy Watch PRO
    ENERGETIC, A-8580 Koeflach, on the general well-being, improve the quality of sleep and the ability to recover after power.

    Project Leader: Dr. G. Rosenberg; evaluation: Dr. Ing N. Kröhnoff

    The aim of the study: The present study is an empirical evaluation on the vegetative regulation and sleep quality. The parameters were tested: Barorezeptorenund blood pressure regulation, stress (autonomic nervous system), Slopes (pulse and blood pressure regulation), ECG / pulse (high frequency), heart rate variability, continuous blood pressure (beat to beat), impedance (Biamed) and skin resistance (stressX, balanceX) .

    Results: In particular, a significantly improved recovery after power and better general well-being entered. The long-term study of the Institute of Sleep Medicine and Interdisciplinary Sleep Research (ISIS) in Münster resulted in the following improvements:

    faster sleep 82%
    less sleep interruptions 81%
    restorative sleep 83%
    better-rested be 83%
    Recovery after power 84%
    Increasing the allgem. Well-being 84%
    All data show a

    Improving regulations
    Improvement of vital signs (Task Force Monitor)
    Magnification of the phase angle (BIAMED)