SciFund Challenge – Day 1!

By Siouxsie Wiles 03/05/2012

What a start to round 2 of the SciFund Challenge. Over 18,000 dollars raised for science so far!

How about the stats for my project Evolution In Action? The last 24ish hours have seen 15 contributors donating $840 to support my research — that puts me at a third of the way to my target!

A special thanks go to the brilliant Daniel Hurley for being my first supporter.

Other contributors today were:

Susan and Craig Shearer
Ben and Olivia Albert
Jin Koo Niersbach
Steven Galbraith
Elf Eldridge
Alan Huett
Nathan Hayward
Riccardo Guidi
Jimmy Dalton
Tina Arora
Maire Litchfield
Diana & Michael
Sarah Johnson

Thanks also to Ed Yong (@edyong209) writer of the excellent Not Exactly Rocket Science for tweeting and everyone who has posted my #SciFund link to Facebook or shared on Google+.

30 more days to go!

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