Help at hand for scientists to get media SAVVY!

By Siouxsie Wiles 07/09/2012

It was great to see the announcement last week of the Science Media SAVVY initiative by the Science Media Centre, the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Australian Science Media Centre. Science Media SAVVY is a two day training session and skills workshop which aims to bridge the media and research cultures, and provide scientists with the skills to confidently navigate media encounters of all kinds. Highlights include:

Newsroom tour and Q&A with a panel of print and broadcast journalists
Practical exercises and feedback
Video-recorded practice interviews
Advice on handling controversy, uncertainty and risk
Tips for preparing for print and broadcast media
‘Pitch’ session to local and national media – an opportunity to put new skills to the test

The first session is sponsored by geologist Dr Mark Quigley, winner of the 2011 Prime Ministers Prize for Science Media Communication, and will take place in Christchurch in October. Applications close on the 17th of September and are limited to residents of the Canterbury region. I can’t wait for this to be rolled out around the rest of the country!