What do you think Kiwis die of?

By Siouxsie Wiles 15/01/2013

The inhabitants of NZ, that is, rather than our feathered and flightless friends!

I’m trying to find out what people think those living in New Zealand die from. Will you tell me what you think? Please fill out this short survey and ask your friends and family to do the same.

All will be revealed at the end of the week. Thanks!

0 Responses to “What do you think Kiwis die of?”

  • I think that I’ll probably die from Bowel Cancer. (There’s a lot of it in my family.)

  • I have this odd expectation I’ll be killed by a crocodile or similar.

  • I’m hoping when I die that my brain will still be working properly.

    If it isn’t I might be tempted to take a short cut.

    But I think a lot of people are dying because they are too fat, their lungs are giving up from smoking, and the whole system wears out much earlier than it could have if they’d kept their brains and their brawn under control.

  • I think Kiwi’s die from depression, sadness and unrest. This is a country full of angry people, who carry the sadness of their ancestors, in the form of Genetic Memories.

    Pakeha New Zealanders have English Ancestors who were lured here under a false promise. They made the treacherous voyage here, with the promise of LAND. And for some people that was enough to risk life and limb for.

    Maori New Zealanders have Maori Ancestors who lost their land, a colony built at their expense.

    We started like this … and nothing significant has been done to remedy the past wrongs on both side. So, underpinning it all, is racial disharmony; and people feeling like they are manipulated beyond their control. And they would be right.

    Some days are great for the NZ Kiwi and the NZ Maori, as with Bad times, there are certainly Good times. However always those stories from the past haunting us in ways that we arent even aware of.

    Metaphysics does the rest. Just the humble opinion of a NZ Half Caste.

    • Hi Pare

      Thanks for commenting. Actually the majority of deaths are due to circulatory disease, such as heart attacks, strokes and heart disease. A visualisation of the figures from the Ministry of Health are here.