Monday Micro: Bioluminescence time-lapse

By Siouxsie Wiles 11/11/2013

As part of the work leading up to our Art in the Dark project, Living Light, Rebecca Klee and I played around with doing some time-lapse photography with bioluminescent bacteria growing on agar. A big thanks to Rhian Sheehan for allowing us to use his track Thoughts on Nature as the soundtrack. This is 4 days worth of photos condensed into just 1 minute*:

*At 30 frames per second it came out at 7 minutes long but Rebecca decided that was way too long to watch bioluminescent bacteria for. I disagree of course. What do you think, should we make a longer version?!

0 Responses to “Monday Micro: Bioluminescence time-lapse”

  • I think this is science made into magic…..I love bioluminescence, thank you
    I would like more minutes to sit and watch but realistically one minute has more impact when there are so many things grabbing our attention. Great music choice too.

  • Interesting that they seem to die (I assume that’s what causing them to stop glowing?) in the middle first, and the edges stay bright for a while longer. What’s the reason for that?

    • No, they aren’t dying, just running out of nutrients. That’s why the ones on the edge continue to glow a little longer as they can expand out slightly and access more nutrients.