Lego & gender-stereotyping – Lego respond

By Siouxsie Wiles 24/11/2013

Lego guys
Lego guys

Lego gals
Lego gals

Recently I wrote an open letter to Lego asking them to tackle their gender stereotyping by giving their minifigure faces a male character on one side and a female character on the other. I also sent the message to Lego via their website and received a very positive response, along the lines of ‘Great idea! I’ll pass your suggestion to the design team’.

I want to keep up the pressure and show Lego that it really is an idea they should seriously consider implementing, so I’ve started a petition. Please consider signing it and sharing it with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter.

And while I’m on the subject of gender stereotyping, please also support GoldieBlox who are being chased for copyright infringement for parodying the Beastie Boy’s hit ‘Girls’ in their fantastic advert encouraging girls to build cool stuff.

0 Responses to “Lego & gender-stereotyping – Lego respond”

  • @Derek Syms – Yeah, and while we’re at it, let’s keep them all in the kitchen cooking for their man and bringing up the children. Gods forbid that they should ever want more than that. Hell, why not stop them voting as well? They’re only women after all…


  • That Goldie Box ad is outstanding! (I’ve always loved “Rube Goldberg” contraptions).

    Derek – yes, but (eg) artists aren’t men, they’re men or women.

  • Inerpreting Derek’s (possibly) poorly worded statement as charitably as possible I expect he thinks the two faced heads are what would be confusing not the concept of having female astronauts/doctors/engineers/etc per se.

    In whic case Lego could include completely separate heads in each bag for male/female characters or duplicate each character in its own bag as either male or female – second option seems like it would be a win/win for lego; Good PR for them and the ability to sell twice as many figures.

    So there you go Derek fixed that for you. Children can now go about their way unconfused about the fact that a small plastic toy could represent either a male or female.

  • Thank you Darcy that is what I meant. Why not just have one male and one female of each..

  • There’s something kind of disturbing about the radiation suit people… The guy’s freaking out… meanwhile the gal seems…. happy. Blissfully unaware? In fact none of the gals seem to display anything but pleasant expressions…

  • No Siouxie’s idea of a female face on one side and males on the other is great.

    After all, to us mere males, a woman who exhibits certain pleasant visual traits are head turners aren’t they? 🙂

  • Well lets make them all women with great racks and the Dads might play with lego a bit more… (jokes)

  • Yeah I think the ‘gal’ in the radiation suit had a little too much uranium at lunchtime.

  • I’m not sure two-faced lego people is a good idea (- might help kids get used to real life tho 🙂 )

    My two girls used to pull all the bodies apart and mix and match. Weird seeing all the body parts lined up in rows ina lego building – they called it the body shop. Perhaps interchangable heads is a better idea?

  • The only thing I would have done is put the female hair on the four men without facial hair (unless I was pulling her leg) as I don’t think women need lipstick either! If Hannah had needed a female figure for her set. In the time we had all the sets out they were androgenous so it didn’t matter.

    The two faces idea is fine as long except some of the hats and hair won’t cover up the alternative face and that could leave children more traumatised than having out moded gender specific jobs.