Skeptical Thoughts – gendered marketing

By Siouxsie Wiles 22/09/2014

I’ve started a new radio slot called ‘Skeptical Thoughts’ on Sunday evenings on Graeme Hill’s Weekend Variety Show on Radio Live. A couple of weeks ago we talked about what a scam gendered marketing is – when companies repackage the same product and market it specifically for men or women, often charging different amounts. Australian show The Check Out did a great piece on the topic:

Speaking of gendered marketing, Nanogirl and fellow Sciblogger Dr Michelle Dickinson tweeted this monstrosity (“for working men”) a few days ago:

mans hand sanitisor

WTF?! Perhaps unsurprisingly, Michelle’s tweet thanking Mitre 10 for removing the sexist product from their shelves was met with a cry of “PC gone mad” by some.


Which is sad, as it misses the point that products like that in places like a DIY store perpetuate the myth that women can’t do DIY and make women feel excluded. Also sad is the fact that tweet was from the CEO of a tech company.


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  • Sadly comments like those are a daily occurrence for me, and I think its partly because some Men just don’t see the issue.
    As a woman in engineering, I’m in the minority and often made to feel like I’m not welcome in this mans world. Some of it is intentional, but some of it is just a lack of awareness and experience of being a minority.
    Bringing issues like this to the table enable conversations and awareness which will hopefully help to broaden the strategy when approaching gender marketing and treatment of minority genders in the workplace.