Monday Micro: Ebola update and NZ preparedness

By Siouxsie Wiles 24/11/2014

With Ebola now moving into Mali, I thought it was time for a quick update and some links. According to the CDC and WHO, as of the 16th November 2014 there have been an estimated 15145 cases, including 5420 deaths. Since the end of October there have been 6 cases in neighbouring Mali; all cases have died. American Dr Craig Spencer who had recently returned from working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea came down with Ebola but survived and has been discharged from hospital.

What is NZ doing to prepare for an Ebola case?

Good question! The Goodfellow Unit at the University of Auckland recently ran an event for GPs and TV3’s Third Degree programme filmed an exercise with St John’s Ambulance transferring a suspected Ebola ‘patient’ to hospital. You can watch their piece here. [Disclaimer: they interviewed me too…].

Need a quick Ebola recap?

Check out the slides from a recent talk I gave in Christchurch. Most of the slides are in the form of infographics, so are pretty easy to understand without me to explain them. Or listen to Prof John Crump from the University of Otago explain to Graeme Hill how Ebola compares to other diseases in Africa on RadioLive here.

[slideshare id=41030241&doc=ebolafactvsfictionsiouxsienovember2014a-141102193853-conversion-gate01]

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  • Hi Siouxsie, Many thanks for sharing your fantastic and informative slides. I’m very impressed with your infographics; did you make them yourself or have graphic design help?

  • Yep..Can confirm that ChCh Hospital ED has made preparations – the Ebola protection wear (gumboots and all) are housed in our little research corner (nice yellow colour).