Skeptical Thoughts – Bigfoot, MMS, deja vu & ‘vagacials’

By Siouxsie Wiles 26/01/2015

For anyone interested, you can hear my latest Skeptical Thoughts slot with Graeme Hill on his RadioLive Weekend Variety Wireless show here. We cover an eclectic mix of stories, from Bigfoot, using MMS to ‘treat’ autism and deja vu.

My favourite story was the appearance of ‘dating guru’ Lisa Palmer on UK breakfast TV show This Morning who claims to have invented facials for a woman’s vagina. According to Ms Palmer, being in a long term relationship can lead to some women neglecting their vaginas, so they become dry and sagging. Excuse me, but isn’t that just what happens as women age/have children?! Ms Palmer’s solution is to steam ‘the area’, then apply a concoction of Vitamin E cream, coconut cream, honey & egg whites. They are being called ‘vagacials’ but to be honest, the stuff is being applied to the outside area (vulva) so they should probably be called ‘vulvacials’. She also seems to suggest she has put onions inside her vagina “as they are great for aging” apparently. Before any of you men start sniggering, I’m predicting it won’t be long before we hear of ‘scrotacials’ and ‘penacials’. Just saying.

Ladies, if you are tempted, the vagina is a self-cleansing organ. You don’t need to go steaming it, or shoving onions up it, that’s more likely to cause an infection. If you do want to slather your vulva with honey and egg whites, feel free, you could even turn it into a fun game with your other half. Just remember it’s not some magic elixir and won’t rejuvenate your nether regions! If you do feel dry and saggy, best use a lubricant and do regular exercises with your pelvic floor muscles.

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