Biolumination II: Meet the artists! Julia Marchwicka

By Siouxsie Wiles 30/03/2015

Biolumination - Julia

Photo taken by Benj Brooking.

On Saturday the 14th March I organised Biolumination II as part of thinkScience day at the 2015 Auckland Arts Festival. I challenged a group of artists and illustrators to each come up with a work of art using just a solution of harmless bioluminescent bacteria and a collection of 25 x 25 cm square petri-dishes. I want to introduce you to each of the artists and show off their amazing pieces.

Meet Julia Marchwicka!

Julia low res

Julia is currently finishing her BA/BSc at the University of Auckland, majoring in English and Biology. Just like in her study, she enjoys exploring the links between art and science on a daily basis. Whenever Julia is not writing last minute assignments or cramming for tests, she spends her time working with black ink and watercolours.