Biolumination II: Meet Gareth Baston!

By Siouxsie Wiles 07/04/2015

On Saturday the 14th March I organised Biolumination II as part of thinkScience day at the 2015 Auckland Arts Festival. I challenged a group of artists and illustrators to each come up with a work of art using just a solution of harmless bioluminescent bacteria and a collection of 25 x 25 cm square petri-dishes. I’ve introduced you to all the artists but now want to introduce you chief petri dish wrangler Gareth Baston. Gareth took the Vault at Q Theatre and turned it into a gallery space, and spent many hours getting all the petridishes up on the walls.

Meet Gareth Baston!


Since graduating from Rose Bruford College with a BA(hons) Technical Theatre, many moons ago, Gareth has stage and production managed for various companies around the UK and toured the world. Highlights include The Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Queens Diamond Jubilee, Brighton Festival and Auckland Arts Festival as well as The Royal Opera House, Oman. He has worked at the Royal Albert Hall, Queens Wharf, on The London Eye and at Butlins. It is commonly agreed he is the best in his price range.