By Siouxsie Wiles 12/12/2015

Almost a year ago, I wrote what would become three blog posts about my decision to become an egg donor, and the journey I went on that led to 11 of my ova being used to try to make a baby for someone special to me.

So as 2015 draws to a close, I’m excited to announce that we made a baby!

Despite just one of the 11 eggs making it into an embryo that was able to be implanted, that one little embryo was the 5% chance of success we faced a year ago. A healthy baby was recently born and we are all over the moon. All thanks to modern medicine, and a great job by the human incubator.

A few people have been asking if I don’t feel a little weird about the whole thing. I did a little before the baby was born, but now that they are here, I feel fine. It’s very clearly not my baby and I am just filled with pride that I helped make it all happen. But now the real work starts: raising a child, and that task lays with the special person who gave birth to the little bundle.

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