By Siouxsie Wiles 04/04/2016

When I first saw news of this beer shared on social media, I thought it was an early April fool’s gag. But it appears not to be. Someone really is trying to crowdfund a beverage made with vaginal bacteria.

If you haven’t watched the video, ‘The Order of Yoni’* are selling the idea that you can capture the “femininity, passion, sexuality” of a woman in a bottle of beer, by brewing it with microorganisms isolated from a woman’s vagina. And just in case you were curious, it’s not just any old woman’s vagina, but a “unique” one: model Alexandra Brendlova. Rest assured, they have spent many months using a “strict selection process” to find “a woman that personifies feminity (sic), natural charm and lure and who possesses all the desired instincts which we wanted to frame in our bottle of beer”.

Given the almost half a million views that their video has had on YouTube, it seems the idea of bottling the essence of woman hasn’t quite struck a cord with the punters – they’ve raised less than a 1000 EUR of the 150,000 EUR they were after. Wait, I hear you cry! How can no one have taken up on the offer to make a beer using their girlfriend’s vaginal flora?! Surely it’s not the 10,000 EUR price tag?!

It’s not the idea of using someone’s vaginal microbes to brew beer that grates for me**, it’s that the campaign reeks of the kinds of phrases and language commonly associated with pick-up-artists and rape culture. One of the future beers will apparently be brewed using the vaginal microbes of a red head or brunette. Its name? BDSM.


*Apparently yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina or womb

**In 2013 Christina Agapakis & Sissel Tolaas created an exhibition called SELFMADE which featured cheeses made using different people’s skin microbes. Apparently each cheese had its own unique smell as a result of the different bacteria. Hearing about this exhibition made me ask friends and family if they would eat a cheese made from their microbes. My daughter was absolutely disgusted by the idea!

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  • The order of Putin’s Smegma didn’t sell.
    Just another way for the patriarchy to use media to make this idea viral which is reducing the feminine to ” vaginal microbes” .
    And should we help the patriarchy by spreading these warped ideas about the feminine -lest they infect?
    What insanity next?
    The order of Sandha ( made of Justin Beber’s anal microbes) .

  • It’s stupid marketing for a product that is just using skin lactic acid bacteria to sour wort for a beer. somehow they thought that it was going to be a successful idea.

    Even Rogue Brewery had difficulty convincing people their beard beer was good (isolated saccharomyces cerevisiae from a brewer beard) let alone trying to tell people it smells like a random models ‘femininity’… which will ultimately just be lactic acid sourness thanks to isolating out all of the other bacteria and yeast which would create an undesirable brew. But then it might be more representative of the cheese mentioned…

  • Ugh.
    And we’ve spent centuries fine-tuning beer-yeasts with artificial selection. The logic that a wild yeast would make a decent beer seems deeply flawed.