The Galápagos of the Southern Ocean – Part I: Bon Voyage

By Matthew Wood 17/02/2011

The Galápagos of the Southern Ocean is an adventure tourism cruise to the sub-Antarctic islands of New Zeland and Australia run by Christchurch-based Heritage Expeditions. The rich and diverse wildlife of the region is driven by high primary productivity at these latitudes due to upwelling along major ocean fronts. The human history of the islands is one of discovery, environmental degradation and more recently, restoration and conservation. The Enderby Trust provides financial support for young adults to experience the the natural environment of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica on board Heritage Expeditions’ polar research vessel, Spirit of Enderby.


The vidcast is optimised for playback on iPhone 4 and 4th Generation iPod Touch. To download the vidcast for your Apple device, simply search and subscribe for free through the iTunes Store. For playback on other portable media devices please download from the Journeys to the Ice homepage. Otherwise you can watch it straight away via YouTube in the window below. YouTube video looks and sounds best in 720p.

Photo (c) 2010 Jessica Kerr

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