“Just So Science” – The Science that Inspires

By Elf Eldridge 26/05/2011

Thought i’d take a break from the beautiful universe for a brief moment just to point out a couple of awesome sciency ‘things’ that i’ve found around recently!

First off is an excerpt from Paul Callaghan’s speech from graduation this year as published in ‘Victorious’.

Here: paulcallaghangraduationspeech2011

A credit to Paul, reading this is the first thing that has made me regret forgetting about graduation. Twice.

The second is the Australian Atheist comedian Tim Minchin – particularly his songs “Storm” (previously mentioned on sciblogs here) and his new one “Thank you God” whose lyrics are here. Both are hilarious, regardless of what you believe and make some excellent points. Sadly the latter isn’t available on youtube due to copyright, but if you can find it it’s well worth a listen!

And finally just some awesome pictures of an example of ‘self similarity’ – the concept of something appearing similar on many different length scales – think about a snowflake or the coastline of a fiord. These are actually fractals, part of the Mandelbrot set – I just think they’re cool and I’ll definitely talk about them more when I get back to nanotech posting (soon!)