‘Just So Science’ – Perspective

By Elf Eldridge 12/09/2011

Once again life has managed to wiggle itself into the space between my blog posts. It’s particular incarnation last week was our entry for the ‘Festival for the future‘ competition. Having decided that my science communication ‘partners in crime’, Aimee Whitcroft and Elizabeth Connor, deserved some press for the great work that they’re doing in Wellington (although they are certainly not alone! I’m lucky enough to live in a city packed to the brim with creative communicative types!) – I put together this short video for the competition.


Over the next couple of weeks I’ll also be putting together another one extolling the virtues and wonders of the nanoscale (so watch this space) but sadly due to technical difficulties (i.e. the power cord on my laptop melted itself last night) it doesn’t look like it will be ready in time for the Creative Mix and Mash competition that closes on Thursday this week.