World Space Week podcast — Episode 2: Chris McKay

By Elf Eldridge 05/10/2011

Our second episode takes us on the hunt for information about what life is likely to exist on alien worlds. We chatted to Dr. Chris McKay from NASA’s Ames research centre, whose research covers extremophiles from across the globe (including even some from right here in New Zealand!). We discuss what and where life might be on mars, when we will know (Dr. McKay thinks next year!) and if there isn’t any present – whether or not it may be humanity’s role to promote the growth of life on mars.

You can download and listen to the entire podcast here

UPDATE: Podcasts are now available via the World Space Week youtube channel:

Tomorrow’s episode takes us to the European Southern Observatory in Chile where we speak with astronomer Julien Girard about the wonders of the universe as seen through a telescope.