World Space Week podcast — Episode 4: Marius Piso

By Elf Eldridge 07/10/2011

With the retirement of the space shuttle and funding cuts across the board at NASA, Hari and I interviewed Marius Piso, a Theoretical physicist and president and CEO of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and a contributor to the European Space Agency (ESA), and asked about the future of humankind’s presence in space.

We got a lot more than we bargained for when we asked him why he was drawn to studying space,  especially when he mentioned that after doing in PhD in theoretical physics focusing on the “quantum structure of spacetime, and having to deal with multiple dimensions” that he felt that compared to that, everything else was easy!

Also, out of all of this year’s interviews, Marius wins the prize for the most inspiring quote. When asked if there was any message he wanted to send to humanity he simply replied

“To be confidant in the future of humankind, to look at the universe – and smile.”

Full podcast can be listened to, or downloaded here

UPDATE: Podcasts are now available via the World Space Week youtube channel:

Tomorrow, we feature Mark Rocket, co-founder of Rocketlab here in NZ and one of the few people worldwide with a ticket booked on Virgin Galactic.