World Space Week podcast — Episode 5: Mark Rocket

By Elf Eldridge 08/10/2011

Having now whetted our appetites on reasons for going to space, Hari and I went looking for answers to what New Zealand’s future contribution to space may be – whether we’re doomed to sit on the sidelines and watch as other wealthier nations make it to low earth orbit and beyond, or whether there is a way we can get involved! With this in mind we interviewed Mark Rocket, a Kiwi entrepreneur, co-founder of Rocketlab and a booked passenger on Virgin Galactic. Mark’s an avid believer that New Zealand has the capabilities to put some innovative solutions together for commercial access to space and also took us through a little of New Zealand;s historic relationship with space exploration centering, of course, around William Pickering.

Full podcast available to listen or download here.

Tomorrow we look further towards the edges of our universe with Melanie Johnston Hollitt, member of the international founding board for the Square Kilometer Array radiotelescope (SKA).

UPDATE: Podcasts are now available via the World Space Week youtube channel:

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