World Space Week podcast — Episode 8: Talia Page and Stanislav Fort

By Elf Eldridge 11/10/2011

Our final installment of this year’s World Space Week features two amazing people: Talia Page the Executive Director and Stanislav Fort the winner of the World Space Week’s Youth Inspiration Programme and consequently a flight into zero-gravity onboard the (aptly nicknamed) ‘Vomit Comet‘. We discuss what will sustain people till next space week, Stanislav’s vision for humanity as a young, smart inspiring physicist, and what role creativity has in driving mankind out amongst the stars.

Full podcast available to download or listen here

Or viewable via youtube here

Whew! And that’s it for World Space Week 2011, for podcasts at least – but keep your eyes on Just So Science for 2 other science communication projects emerging in the near future.