Just So Storytelling – Tell Us a Story 2011 Winners

By Elf Eldridge 24/10/2011

As we mentioned in TOSP this week, Thursday marked the finals of Victoria University’s ‘Tell us a Story’ science communication competition. The idea is simple: contestants have 7 minutes to tell a story that somehow involves either science or engineering, in order to get them thinking about communicating science to a non-specialist audience. In total around about 30 students competed, with the top 10 progressing to the finals. If you missed the competition you can view the finals in their entirety here.

And the quality of these stories is STUNNING! Communicating any complex idea in 7 minutes is difficult at the best of times, but our contestants managed to cover topics from the active transport to artificial intelligence and everything in between.

The ultimate winners were:

  • Paul Menkirk, from the Marine Ecology laboratory who spoke about the trials and tribulations of life as a fish off Wellington’s south coast who ended up taking home the grand prize and
  • Azeem Muhammed, from the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, who spoke about the story of Daniel of Morley, one of the founders of Oxford University who took home Runner-up and the audience favourite prize.

but every single contestant was absolutely fantastic. If you want to see some of the passionate young scientists from New Zealand talk about something they love, then this is the place to look.

And finally, although as an organiser i had no say in the eventual winners, my favourite was Juan Rada Vileia – so here’s the video of his story – Enjoy!


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