Cross-section of Wellington’s High-Tech Businesses

By Elf Eldridge 05/09/2012

In keeping with our aim to connect students with industry, on the 4th August, Chiasma Wellington held our “Introduction to Wellington Industry” at Victoria University. Wait! Before you leave this page thinking this is another shameless self-promotion post that I seem to spew out with unerring regularity, there is a real reason behind me mentioning the content of this. (OK and yes there is a little self-promotion inherent in the post as well!)

We tried something a little different, having suffered through numerous long boring industry presentations in the past, we gave each speaker a mere 15 minutes to not only explain who they were and what their respective company/organization did, but also to give a high level overview of their entire industry in Wellington. We hoped that being active in their fields would give our presenters a reasonable idea of who their competitors and collaborators were and so really to point out to students the movers and shakers in their industries of interest. The jury is still out on whether we succeeded or not (although feedback from both company and student attendees has been almost uniformly positive – apart from a few irate student having to get to uni by 9am on a Saturday!), but we certainly connected the dots for the students that attended.

The most useful slide of the day however (decided by the number of times it was mentioned by attendees!) was presented by Karen Bender and Adrian Gregory from GrowWGTN. It gave a rather sumptuous chart of Wellington’s active companies, what they do and their areas of expertise, and they have been kind enough to allow me to share it with you. Remember – this is a snapshot for Wellington as of August 2012 and was specifically created to be relevant to science and engineering graduates – so it is not comprehensive, but still immensely useful.

GrowWGTN’s cross-section of Wellington’s high-tech companies grouped by science and business areas – August 2012 (click for a larger version)

So see companies you know? Great! See companies you don’t? Find out about them! They’re all carving out their own little high-tech niche in Wellington and deserve all the support we can give them. These are some of the companies that Sir Paul Callaghan believed we had to culture in order to become a prosperous, attractive nation. If you’re from those companies reading this – you have my thanks for playing a part in making his dreams (and mine!) a reality. And also for giving us science grads a possible future career path here in Wellington!