Just So Science

Mysterious crosses

Elf Eldridge May 16, 2012

Continuing from my last post, where I mentioned a few of the crosses in our southern skies, I’m going to take a closer look at some of the weird and wonderful objects located near them, namely the Carina and Keyhole nebulae, the ‘Southern Pleiades’,  one of the few naked eye Wolf-Rayet stars and NGC2516. Keyhole Nebula Keyhole Nebula … Read More

Jeweled Crosses

Elf Eldridge May 13, 2012

Reflecting on my previous posts, Just So Science has become a little complaining and angsty as of late, so without further ado here’s a return to something we can all agree on – our night skies are a treasure during winter! Most people are familiar with the Southern Cross, or Crux, or ‘Te Punga’ (the anchor) to several Maori tribes, … Read More

NZAS Conference follow-up

Elf Eldridge May 12, 2012

So, one month on from the NZAS emerging scientist’s conference, what has come from a conference that aimed to discuss whether emerging scientists have a future in New Zealand? The answer, in this author’s opinion at least, has been a resounding ‘Maybe’. One publications that highlighted the themes debated at the conference is ‘Callaghan vision stumbles on realities’ … Read More

Kiwimars Science:Water, water everywhere – but not a drop to drink!

Elf Eldridge May 06, 2012

Evidence of water-erosion on the martian surface As interesting as the martian atmosphere is, there’s one compound that’s presence is probably more important than all the others combined: water. Whilst some early astronomers convinced themselves they saw vast canal systems on the martian surface, it wasn’t till Mariner 9 reached the red planet in 1971 that direct evidence of the … Read More

Kiwimars Science: Welcome to Mars

Elf Eldridge Apr 26, 2012

Welcome to Mars! Whilst the martian environment is considered ‘most similar to Earth’s’ when compared to other planets in our Solar System, that’s a bit like saying an insect is ‘most similar to a human’ when compared to a rock, a spoon and cellphone. Whilst both of the above might be true, it really doesn’t to justice to the weird … Read More

Kiwimars 2012: Kiwis doing what Kiwis should

Elf Eldridge Apr 25, 2012

An example of Kiwis participating in the sort of forward-thinking science that we need to attract  and retain talent in New Zealand is the 2012 Kiwimars crew. Supported by the ‘Kiwispace Foundation‘, Kiwimars is a 2 week expedition where 4 New Zealanders (and 2 Australians) travel to NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station in the … Read More

Emerging NZ Scientists – Catherine Davis and Shalen Kumar, Te Ropu Awhina Mentors

Elf Eldridge Apr 15, 2012

Te Ropu Awhina whanau 2011 These answers were provided by Catherine Davis and Shalen Kumar, both senior mentors in Te Ropu Awhina, Victoria University’s whanau that I have blogged about before. Both are final year PhD candidates in Victoria’s School of Biological Sciences. 1. NZAS has picked emerging scientists as the topic of their yearly … Read More