Just So Science

‘Theranostics’ – Therapeutic Diagnostics

Elf Eldridge Dec 30, 2011

Theranostics, this odd combination of ‘therapeutics’ and ‘diagnostics’, describes a simultaneous diagnosis and treatment for a disease. One can imagine this in the form of existing compounds that are known to accumulate in tumor cells, thus allowing them to be tagged (radioactively or flourescently) to enable diagnosis and can also be functionalised with anti-tumor agents that inhibit tumor growth at … Read More

Just So Science – Nanotech in 1995

Elf Eldridge Dec 28, 2011

Having had the amazing fortune of some free time over the Christmas period, I’ve just finished reading a rather excellent book re-telling the story behind some of the development of nanotechnology. The book in question is “Nano!” by Ed Regis, and provides an interesting perspective on the life and struggles of K. Eric Drexler, commonly attributed with the … Read More

“Just So Science” – The Feynman Hypothesis

Elf Eldridge Nov 23, 2011

In preparation for giving one of the talks I am required to give to complete my PhD, I’ve been reviewing some of the greatest physics stories. Given that my particular field of research is nanotechnology, it’s little wonder that my favourite at the moment is Richard Feynman’s “There’s plenty of room at the bottom” speech that he first gave on … Read More

“Just So Science” – Complex Star Dust

Elf Eldridge Nov 09, 2011

Finally getting around to reading Carl Sagan’s magnificent book, ‘Cosmos’, has had the rather wonderful effect of helping re-focus my attention from the worrying political ranting that goes hand-in-hand with every election, and turn once again my attention to the stars. I find it quite amazing just how distracting society and life down here can be, and the wonderful clarity … Read More

Just So Storytelling – Tell Us a Story 2011 Winners

Elf Eldridge Oct 24, 2011

As we mentioned in TOSP this week, Thursday marked the finals of Victoria University’s ‘Tell us a Story’ science communication competition. The idea is simple: contestants have 7 minutes to tell a story that somehow involves either science or engineering, in order to get them thinking about communicating science to a non-specialist audience. In total around about 30 … Read More

World Space Week podcast — Episode 8: Talia Page and Stanislav Fort

Elf Eldridge Oct 11, 2011

Our final installment of this year’s World Space Week features two amazing people: Talia Page the Executive Director and Stanislav Fort the winner of the World Space Week’s Youth Inspiration Programme and consequently a flight into zero-gravity onboard the (aptly nicknamed) ‘Vomit Comet‘. We discuss what will sustain people till next space week, Stanislav’s vision for humanity … Read More

World Space Week podcast — Episode 6: Melanie Johnston Hollitt

Elf Eldridge Oct 09, 2011

Hari and I continue our whirlwind tour though space ‘celebrities’ by interviewing Melanie Johnston Hollitt, one of the international founding board members for the Square Kilometer Array radiotelescope. One of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken by mankind, the SKA will see an array of different telescopes spread over a continent-sized area of either South Africa or Australia … Read More