Just So Science

Just So Hiatus?

Elf Eldridge Sep 30, 2011

Some of you may have noticed (although at this point I’m most likely just stroking my own ego!) that Just So Science and Weekend Nanotech have been conspicuously silent over the past two weeks. This has actually been for good reason however as my free time has been taken up by a rather epic little endeavour. Some of you may … Read More

Inaugural Chancellor’s Lecture – Professor Sir Paul Callaghan

Elf Eldridge Sep 15, 2011

The first thing you notice about a Paul Callaghan talk, is the variety of people that show up. Packing the town hall almost to capacity are a mix of students, business-people, old folks, high school kids, academics and……..me. You can almost feel the weight of tradition here, I could swear that the person I’m sitting next too must have graduated … Read More

‘Weekend Nanotech’ – They’re making graphene out of WHAT?!

Elf Eldridge Sep 15, 2011

Just a quick post to point out some of the really amazing stuff going on right under our noses. Many of you will be familiar with graphene – the so-called ‘wonder material’ discovered originally in the leads of pencils (using sellotape – which gained the Nobel prize in Physics last year) with strange electrical and physical properties worthy … Read More

‘Just So Science’ – Perspective

Elf Eldridge Sep 12, 2011

Once again life has managed to wiggle itself into the space between my blog posts. It’s particular incarnation last week was our entry for the ‘Festival for the future‘ competition. Having decided that my science communication ‘partners in crime’, Aimee Whitcroft and Elizabeth Connor, deserved some press for the great work that they’re doing in Wellington (although they … Read More

“Just So Science” – The Fusion Conundrum

Elf Eldridge Sep 04, 2011

After an altogether far-too-long hiatus due to Kiwipycon, the upcoming ‘Official Sciblogs Podcast’, a series of videoprofiles of MacDiarmid Institute Alumni, the 2011 NZ Datamixandmash competition, the Tell Us a Story Competition at Victoria University and gorgeous clear skies last night – I’ll get back to the story of stellar evolution! (You … Read More