Just So Science

“Weekend Nanotech”: Snot-light?

Elf Eldridge Aug 22, 2011

Another entry in my “bizarre use of bodily fluids but that has a really cool result” category for nanoscience, is this paper published a couple of weeks ago in the Advanced Materials journal. The problem the researchers from Tel Aviv university were trying to solve is simple: we can make white LEDs now easily enough, but they’re complex to … Read More

“Weekend Nanotech” – Nanomachines

Elf Eldridge Aug 15, 2011

Public perception of nanomachines?? One of my favourite things about being a scientist is the knowledge that one day you may be part of something that changes the world! Unfortunately, this change can be for the better or worse – and often the ‘worse’ is what makes a better story! This is why we get books like Michael Crichton’s … Read More

“Just So Science” – The Astral Archer’s Bow

Elf Eldridge Aug 01, 2011

As a follow-on from my previous Sagittarius post, this week I want to mention a few of the eye-watering spectacles viewable within this astral archer at this time of the year. All of the objects i’m about to mention are just to the North of the cosmic teapot, where the steam would billow from the spout in fact. The first two, M8 … Read More

“Weekend Nanotech” – Rhinovirus Nanotechnology

Elf Eldridge Jul 30, 2011

Well my ‘Weekend Nanotech’ post from last week was a little delayed this week, primarily due to this little guy here: Rhinovirus Capsid Rhinovirus - the more cuddly version A Rhinovirus. Most commonly known as the causative virus of the ‘common cold’, rhinoviruses are found pretty much everywhere [1] decent hosts are. And yes, unfortunately that … Read More

“Just So Science” – Sagantastic

Elf Eldridge Jul 22, 2011

This week I was fortunate enough to stumble onto this gorgeous image taken by the Voyager 1 satellite in 1990. By the request of physicist Carl Sagan, the camera were turned around for one last shot of Earth before the rest of Voyager’s epic journey which, as of 2011, has bought it to the heliopause, the … Read More