The 100-year-old doctor still on a mission

By Motoko Kakubayashi 16/11/2009

stethoscopeUsing medical treatment as his atonement has kept a 100-year-old Japanese doctor working since World War II.

Dr Hiroshi Yamasaki received this year’s Prime Minister’s award (senior catergory) for treating people in Jinan, in Shandong province, China, for almost 70 years, reports the news.

On the day the award winner was announced, November 13,he had been reported to be in smiles as he saw another patient.

“I will continue to serve the Chinese people until I die,” he said.

Mr Yamasaki first arrived in Jinan in 1944 and had served as a veterinarian during the war.  However, he quit serving after six months due to differences.

After Japan’s defeat, he decided to stay in China and married a Chinese lady.  He later got his doctor’s qualification and has devoted his life to community health.