The search engine that fights crime

By Motoko Kakubayashi 16/11/2009

Taking it to the next level
Taking it to the next level

A search engine programmed to look at your clothes will cut the hours you would spend staring at security camera footage to find that thief who stole your bag.

Japanese IT company NEC have developed a search engine which looks for individuals in video footage based on the colour of their clothes.

If say, a person tells police they were mugged by a someone wearing a brown jacket and black jeans, the search system will look at the top and bottom halves of people in security camera footage and pick footage showing people matching that colour description.

The system could also be used to find lost children.

NEC began developing the search engine after seeing that it would be important to have a system which could making people-searching easier in a country that was installing more and more security cameras.

Real-life trials are expected to begin in 2010.