How to save the world and earn money

By Motoko Kakubayashi 25/11/2009

Buying electricity generated from home solar panels could be a way to get people involved in saving the environment.


This month, Japanese electricity companies began buying electricity from people whose home solar panels generated more than enough juice.

Families receive 48 yen (75 cents) for every 1 kilowatt of electricity, creating a new income source.

Solar panels alone are expected to drop carbon dioxide emissions by 45 million tonnes by 2020.  But this only accounts for 10% of Japan’s 2020 goal.  If the country wants to meet its carbon dioxide goal using solar panels alone, it would need 37 times as more panels than it has today.

The Environment Department says that even though solar energy doesn’t have a large role, they hope it will attract public attention to the problem, reports the Yomiuri newspaper.

Japan isn’t the first country to allow electric companies to buy homemade energy.  European countries such as Spain and Germany have been doing this for a few years and have seen an increase in the number solar panels being installed.