Cutting out the radio host from radio

By Motoko Kakubayashi 12/04/2010

We’ve all done it.  Tried to record that favourite song on the radio without any interfering chit-chat from the radio host.

A few days ago, Sanyo electronics unveiled their new gadget which can record AM/FM radio music and leave out the talking with more accuracy than any human being would be able to.

The Xacti sound recorder ICR-XRS120MF
The Xacti sound recorder ICR-XRS120MF

The Xacti (pronounced ‘Zac-tee’ if you were wondering) sound recorder ICR-XRS120MF has been designed to analyse the sound wave forms of the sounds it records.  Because talking sounds a lot different from singing and music, it has a different wave form.  This helps the recorder to decide when to stop and start recording.

Weighing in at 66g, the Sanyo recorder has also become the world’s lightest radio recorder.

Unfortunately, there’s no way it can omit chatter if it comes in during a song.  The recorder will keep recording.  Still, it is nice to know someone has made a gadget a lot more efficient than my clumsy fingers.

The Xacti recorder will be released in Japan on April 21 for about NZ$450, and there has been no news about overseas releases yet.

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