Sushi robot with top speed of 3300-sushi-per-hour

By Motoko Kakubayashi 05/04/2012

Spinning, pressing, chopping, and precisely-arranging sushi at speeds man could not achieve is the way for one Japanese manufacturer.

Sushi-making robots are on display at a food business expo in Tokyo this week, including a shari robot (shari is prepared sushi rice) and a norimaki robot (norimaki or makizushi is sushi usually wrapped in seaweed, and it’s the most common sushi I’ve seen sold in shops throughout New Zealand).

The SSN-FLA and TRS-FMA robots made by food machine manufacturer SUZUMO are capable of making 3300 shari sushi every hour.

Then there is SUZUMO’s SVR-NVE norimaki robot, which can be programmed to make 400 thin sushi rolls, 300 normal sushi rolls, or about 280 thick sushi rolls every hour.

SUZUMO has an English website if anyone is interested at looking at their product range.