New Zealand surges to Silver

By John Pickering 04/08/2012

On the seventh day they did rest – I think not.  Aotearoa a land of couch potatoes – absolutely; sitting down wins medals!  Super cyclists and outrageous rowers took New Zealand’s medal tally to six on the seventh day of the London Olympics.  All medals have been won sitting down (and two-thirds of them going backwards).  New Zealand has surged to silver position on the medals per capita table; now with more than one medal per million population.  Only Slovenia is ahead with its 3 medals and a 1.48 Medals per million score.

But wait, here come the Aussies, jumping from 7th place to 4th place overnight as they also picked up 3 more medals.

In yesterday’s blog I raised the issue of outliers – little countries with one great athlete could do leap ahead.  To be eligible for the medals per capita medals should countries win medals in more than one discipline (say 3)?  Should there be a minimum number of athletes who win medals (say 3)? How do we deal with outliers – give me your ideas.  Also, don’t forget to tell me if you want your country represented on the graphs.

Medals per capita – day 7, London 2012

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