Back to school Mr Prosser

By John Pickering 13/02/2013

I once stood as a parliamentary candidate in the Waimakariri electorate as did Richard Prosser.  I got more votes than he did, albeit a few years earlier (Compare electoral results 2011 & 2005)).  If I were to appeal to the same level of logical reasoning as does Mr Prosser,  more votes makes me more of a politician than he.

Mr Prosser’s logic goes thus:

Terrorists are probably Male, 18 to 35

Terrorists are probably Muslim

Terrorists probably “look” Muslim (whatever that means)

Victims are probably Western Airlines

Therefore ban Male, 18-35, Muslim or Muslim-looking males from flights on Western airlines.

This is exactly why we need critical thinking programs in schools.  Indeed, all parliamentarians should have to pass a course in critical thinking before they are permitted to take up their roles.  Consider these Mr Prosser:

In New Zealand terrorists are either Male or Female

In New Zealand terrorists are French

In New Zealand terrorists are military

In New Zealand terrorism takes place on boats

Therefore ban all French military personnel from boats in New Zealand.


Rapists are probably Male, older than 18

Rapists are most likely known to their victim

Rape victims are probably female

Therefore ban all males known by females from being in the same room as them.

The good news is that this would keep Mr Prosser out of Parliament if only one female MP says they know him.  After what he has said, this cannot be taken for granted.

What may keep Mr Prosser out of Parliament is if Mr Peters fires him.  So far he has failed to even suggest Mr Prosser make an apology.  In my book this makes Mr Peters complicit to racism of the most ignorant insulting kind.  Perhaps if after a beard growing Movember he were hauled from a flight he would change his mind.

Sources: One News & Daily Telegraph, with artistic license by Dr JP

Sources: One News & Daily Telegraph, with artistic license by Dr JP

In the meantime, Mr Prosser has failed Critical Thinking 101 and should return to school this week where I very much hope teachers are taking the opportunity to teach not merely how to respect others, but how to think critically.

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  • Personally, I feel fingers should be pointing at Winston Peters and Ian Wishart. As much as Prosser’s statements are idiotic, they’re the people giving him space to present them.

    Peters, for taking on Prosser as a MP. Prosser’s views go back a long way. Either Peters knew full well Prosser’s views and still took him on as representing his party, or Peters (and his party) made no effort to assess their candidates.

    Wishart* has publicly said he shirked his duty as an editor, saying he only skimmed the piece before approving it. He is at least up-front in admitting that, but it also means that whatever he offers after saying that is an excuse.

    I toyed with writing a blog post on this, as Wishart’s position relates to a wider issue that bothers me — the apparent unwillingness or inability of editors to properly vet material, something we see all the time through shoddy “science” material offered in mainstream media and the continual focus that it is the journalists that must “get it right”. Editors should shoulder their part of the responsibility. (Just my opinion.)

    Incidentally (or, perhaps, not incidentally), Prosser also practices “medical” “woo”.

  • Agree 100% Grant. I’d also add that anyone before they cast their Party Vote should check on who their vote may put in parliament!

  • Wishart ony ‘skim-read’ the column before it was published. Yeah, right.
    Don’t blame me- i didn’t vote for MMP.

  • Lets not have a double standard – did Prosser say anything worse about Muslims than Hone has said about whites?

    But John, you are correct, the logic is appalling. But I think Brendan Horan has shown us that while Peters may be able to fire Prosser, he can’t get him out of Parliament.