New way to spread the word

By John Pickering 22/05/2013

Changes to Flipboard mean it’s now a great tool for science outreach, or indeed any outreach.

If you don’t know what Flipboard is, then checkout or better yet, download the app.  It combines the beauty of a magazine with the usefulness of a reading list.  I use it on an iPad, there’s also an Android version.  Flipboard began life with in-house  magazines – Time, National Geographic, Popular Science, Cult of Mac etc etc etc.  Now, you can create your own magazines and share them if you wish (or keep them to yourself as a great way of maintaining a round-tuit reading list).  I’ve created two magazines called “Kidney Punch” and “Poland” both of which can be found using the search feature within Flipboard (the magnifying glass). There are a number of subscribers to them.  With two “clicks” I can flip any article I want from other Flipboard magazines, from my Twitter feed (beautifully presented in Flipboard as a magazine),  other social media feeds, or using their bookmarklet from any website (including your own blog of course). If you are going to be public, then keeping the articles flowing is important if you want readers to return.

Note, you may read the in-house mags by downloading the app.  To make your own and read other mags you must create and account and then restart Fliboard – it’s all free.

The front page of Kidney Punch magazine on Flipboard

The front page of Kidney Punch magazine on Flipboard

A page inside Kidney Punch .

A page inside Kidney Punch .

@kiwiskiNZ twitter feed inside Flipboard.  By clicking on the + symbol I can flip anything I want to Kidney Punch or any other of my magazines

@kiwiskiNZ twitter feed inside Flipboard. By clicking on the + symbol I can flip anything I want to Kidney Punch or any other of my magazines

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  • Glancing at the screen shots, it reminds me of (Flipboard’s layout is less clustered but I’ve no idea if that’s a reflection of default styles or tinkering with settings, etc.)

    Wish I had time to explore. I’ve thought about using these things to transform ‘reading list’ type blog posts, like my occasional Structured Procrastination posts, into something resembling a traditional newsprint-type layout.

  • Flipboard is a fanstastic method for collation of media. I beleive that its value will increase with google killing off google reader, and no significant replacement appearing on the skyline.

  • Only when it works! The most recent update to Flipboard has stopped it working on my Samsung G3, and on many others judging by the comments on the app store. I have deleted it.

    What is your reputational risk if Flipboard stops working?

  • Sorry to hear that Grant, sounds annoying. Had the same thing happen with Matlab when iOS updated a year or two back. Don’t think we want one OS to rule them all, but it’d be nice if beta testing picked up on the bugs better pre-release.


  • John, thanks for the great introduction to Flipboard. Glad you’re finding it so useful. We re-tweeted your post to share with our community yesterday.

    Grant, sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems with Flipboard. In most cases, we can resolve issues with some troubleshooting.

    We’re here to help. Please email and we’ll gather some more information about the problem you have encountered.

    ~ JV

  • I spotted this when it was initially added to Flipboard. Will have to explore it a little more when I have the time. Hopefully they allow for group curation of content. That would allow for some really good magazines.

    • Gold – I’ve not spotted how to do group curation yet, but obviously the Flipboard people do it themselves. I sure hope this feature is coming soon.