Annual Academic Spam Awards

By John Pickering 04/06/2013

More annoying than those who boast of the number of unread emails in their inbox are the spammers who contribute to that number.  I’m fortunate to have a university IT department that effectively filters mountains of spam.  Nevertheless, some make it through to my inbox.  In the forlorn hope that I will shame these spammers into disappearing in a puff of smoke I hereby announce my Annual Academic Spam Award winners.

The Robert the Bruce award for persistence.

The Omics Group.

Like Coalgate… they really get in…despite 135 automatic deletes they still sneak through inviting me to write for journals or participate in conferences on topics I don’t know how to spell let alone am able to pontificate about.

The Serpent award for the most tempting conference title of the year

BABE-2013… Omics group!

Dear Dr. John W Pickering,

It is my great pleasure to invite you on behalf of organizing committee for the 4th World Congress on Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Pharmaceutical R & D Summit (BABE-2013), to ….

The CIA award for knowing something about me other than my name

Nephro-2012… Omics group!

Dear Dr. John W Pickering,

We are aware of your busy schedule, still would like to contact you again …

Stop spying on me!

The Stating the bleeding obvious award

Team Catalyst, New Delhi

Dear Professional,

Diseases are the major cause of death,…

The Nutter of the year and Supreme winner of the 2013 AASAs

Alex of the Ukraine


I found your e-mail address on medical site.
My name is Alex, I am from Ukraine, I am 32 years old man, I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes, my blood is O+ and I have a good health. If you need liver transplant I am ready to give part of my liver, but I want to receive a big compensation for that…

If you do not need liver transplant, but you know somebody who need it, please send my message to this person or keep it just in case.

[ email address removed ]


P.S. This is not a joke and I am not a cheater or scammer.

All that’s left is to add a reference so that you don’t think I am the only one:

Academic Spam: Comic ID 1590 "Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham

Academic Spam: Comic ID 1590
“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham

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