Kidney Punch

Injury, function, and death

John Pickering May 29, 2013

When they say your tests are positive for a disease just what do they mean?  If it is a simple blood or urine test often they mean that the concentration measured is outside (above or below) some  reference range.  In my field of Kidney Attack (a.k.a. acute kidney injury: AKI) two tests of the same … Continue reading » … Read More

H7N9 kills and attacks kidneys

John Pickering May 24, 2013

27% of patients with H7N9 Influenza A died.  This is the finding of a report just released  in the New England Journal of Medicine is a study of 111 of the 132 confirmed cases of H7N9 Influenza A*. Acute Kidney Injury or “Kidney Attack” was amongst the most common complications. Of the 111 patients we … Continue reading » … Read More

New way to spread the word

John Pickering May 22, 2013

Changes to Flipboard mean it’s now a great tool for science outreach, or indeed any outreach. If you don’t know what Flipboard is, then checkout or better yet, download the app.  It combines the beauty of a magazine with the usefulness of a reading list.  I use it on an iPad, there’s also an … Continue reading » … Read More

Two new Health Research Council grants worth crowing about

John Pickering May 07, 2013

This week’s announcement by the HRC of Feasibility Study and Emerging Researcher grants have many great projects.  Two in particular are worth crowing about (because they have some relationship to kidneys and they involve two excellent people).  I have put summaries in their own words below, but first my comments. Dr Palmer (Department of Medicine, … Continue reading » … Read More

The tao of science missed by National Science Challenges

John Pickering May 02, 2013

The challenges are out. The committee has spoken. And now the critics respond.  Word on science street and in the media goes a bit like this: Brilliant $73M more for science in New Zealand.  Well done Steven Joyce and the National Party. Lacking in lustre.  These challenges are all a bit predictable. [eg Prof Hendy here] Damn. … Continue reading » … Read More