Amazing! Thanks to Benoît Felten for this snippet!

By John Nixon 03/11/2009

100Mb/s guaranteed bandwidth for US$13/month… from HKBN!
Hong Kong flag

Posted: 02 Nov 2009 01:00 AM PST

Yesterday HKBN made an announcement that they were lowering the price of their bandwidth guaranteed 100Mb/s symmetric fiber service in Hong-Kong to HK$99, roughly US$13. HKBN already is one of the only providers worldwide to offer 1Gb/s symmetric service, and the only one (to my knowledge) to offer a moneyback guarantee on broadband quality. They currently own a little above 20% of the broadband market in Hong-Kong according to their latest numbers, and they are the fastest growing (and most profitable) broadband provider there.

This is no insignificant price decrease since HKBN’s 100/100 offer was previously HK$268! Awesome indeed! Yet more proof that acquisition is more important than ARPU in the FTTH game. It will be interesting to see the impact of this announcement on their take rates in the coming months.