FTTH Excitement in Auckland

By John Nixon 21/11/2009

Following the extremely successful FTTH Asia-Pacific Council annual conference in Melbourne last May, the Council opted to hold their General Meeting here in Auckland last week. Some 40 members from all over the region attended, for some their first visit to New Zealand.

After a busy first day’s business, the group was hosted by Vector Communications in a visit to the old Auckland Electricity Board’s building on the city waterfront. Vector has set up in this historic building many demonstrations of renewable energy sources and the potential uses for fibre optics networks to the home (FTTH).
The group was honored to have Simon Mackenzie, Vector’s Group Chief CEO welcome them personally.

The photo shows Simon discussing fibre micro-ducting with Council President Y.K. Loke from Singapore.

Simon Mackenzie

Thursday 19th November was “open day” and many people interested in FTTH accepted the invitation to attend. Nick Manning and Ralph Chivers from MED gave an update on progress with the New Zealand Ultra-fast Broadband network project. Dr Julian Elder, CEO of WEL (the Waikato power company) gave an excellent presentation on his company’s stance with FTTH. The regional power companies are certainly positioning themselves to participate actively in the national network program. Following several other presentations, a general Q&A session saw good interactivity between the visitors and the guests.

Council President Y.K Loke wrapped up the day with an invitation to interested New Zealand companies to join the FTTH Council and help in progressing the understanding and adoption of Fibre to the Home. All were also cordially invited to attend the next annual FTTH Council Conference and  Expo to be held in Seoul on 24/25/26 May 2010.

Any readers who may be interested in joining the Council or attending the Seoul Conference may contact me for further information (john.nixon@onefibre.com).

Group photo

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