Light My Room

By John Nixon 30/01/2010

I discovered a very interesting twist in transmitting high speed data over short distances. Currently we use WiFi or Bluetooth, both using radio wavelengths which can be subject to interference, hacking etc as they penetrate to some extent walls, doors, windows.
Pennsylvania State University researchers have come up with a light-based system (infra-red) which can deliver beyond 1 Ghz of bandwidth.
Light of course will stay inside a windowless room and systems in adjacent rooms could use the same wavelength without interference.
LED lighting is becoming more and more popular and the researchers believe that this data transmission system could be incorporated into the room’s normal lighting. What it amounts to is pretty much the same as sending high speed data down a fibre optic cable, but spraying the transmissions into the air instead of down the fibre. The distances will be much shorter, but the available bandwidth extremely high.