FTTH (Fibre to the Home), what’s happening?

By John Nixon 09/02/2010

Honestly the last few months have been void of interesting information in both Australia and New Zealand.
Both NBN Co in Australia and Crown Fibre Holdings in NZ have been hiring people, getting themselves organised, but nothing much else to report.
I just read this following interesting article…

Otherwise not much else of note to pass on.
I’m at my Gold Coast home right now, (yes I’m an Aussie by birth), and my ISP has just gunned me down by telling me that “OntheNet ADVISE THAT 100% OF PEAK QUOTA HAS BEEN EXCEEDED, RESULTING IN THIS SERVICE BEING SHAPED. **”
So I’ve been hobbled to dial-up speeds until my next billing cycle, which is? Who knows, I have too many more important things to worry about…
The sooner we get “pay as you use”, the better we will be.
I rotate regularly between countries, and have to maintain ADSL accounts in the three main ones. You pay 12 months a year, even if you are only there for two months.
Enough griping! S.E. Queensland has just received in places over 400 mm of rain in 24 hours. I just had a helicopter run over the Hinze dam which is full and overflowing, boats are being washed away in the overnight flooding.
See here.
Quite an amazing clip…