Australian Senate Submission on Video overlay technology for NBN

By John Nixon 12/04/2010

As a FTTH Council designated specialist, I received a request from the Australian Senate to comment on the advantages of using Video (aka RF) Overlay in part or all of the Australian National Broadband Network.
The contents of the submission were to be kept totally confidential until it was confirmed as accepted for publication by the Senate Committee.
This morning I received the following letter from them, advising that in fact the submission was accepted and released to the media. The paper can be accessed via the link in their letter, then selecting the submission from Optical Network Engineering (right next to Paul Budde).

12 April 2010
Dear Mr Nixon
Progress of the proposed National Broadband Network

The Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network would like to thank you for your submission. I am pleased to inform you that the Committee has approved your submission for publication; it can now be found at:
We thank you for your cooperation in not making these documents public prior to the Committee’s approval.
Yours sincerely
Stephen Palethorpe
Committee Secretary
PO Box 6100, Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Tel: (02) 6277 3635 Fax: (02) 6277 5794