25 Mbps, Zero cost per month?

By John Nixon 03/05/2010

I have to plead guilty of not updating my blog often enough.
There was recently a very quiet FTTH period, now things are starting to kick in, lots happening.
I just returned from Sydney and Melbourne following extremely interesting business discussions around the NBN project there.
In both New Zealand and Australia I am promoting the principle of Video Overlay, or the ’third wavelength’ on Fibre to the Home (FTTH) networks.
Why? Simply because the conversion of current broadcast television channels (and digital radio) to IPTV for distribution over the NBN and UFB networks is fraught with potential cost and problems.
Video overlay, or the use of a ’third wavelength’ on the fibre link is an ITU standard, and is used in many developed countries already.
It offloads potentially several Giga bits per second (Gbps) from the data link, which is far more useful in transmitting and receiving the internet and phone services.

The NBN in Australia has created huge political buzz, attacks, criticism…
However the first trial NBN network is being delivered in Tasmania.
Today I saw the following headline:
’National internet service provider (ISP) Exetel today outlined projected pricing on its National Broadband Network plans in Tasmania, which was radically different from that offered on traditional ADSL broadband plans – such as a zero cost monthly plan at 25Mbps, with downloads charged at $1 per gigabyte. ’
Wow, come on, do you read that as I do?
ZERO monthly cost, 25 Mbps bandwidth, and $1 (albeit Aussie) per Gb of data.
Amazing! I mean now you’re talking!
Faster speeds available at higher price, but that offer by current standards is unbeatable, read unimaginable!
Let us just hope that the UFB initiative here in New Zealand delivers similar ’initial’ price and performance.
See the whole article at: http://www.zdnet.com.au/exetel-unveils-nbn-pricing-339302822.htm