FTTH Conferences – a brilliant route to synergies

By John Nixon 03/06/2010

john at ftth seoulRecently, I attended the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific 2010 Conference in Seoul, Korea.

This event was held over the last few days in the gigantic COEX Convention Centre in downtown Seoul.

Attendees were naturally a bit on edge over the escalating tensions between North and South following the torpedoing of a South Korean patrol boat and the loss of 46 mariners’ lives.

The conference and trade show for my part were extremely successful. I helped out on the BKtel stand with my friend and colleague Siegbert Mundinger who manages sales at their German headquarters.

I was expecting most attendees to be from Asia, so I was surprised to have so many Australians and New Zealanders call by the booth. On both sides of us were French companies displaying impressive equipment and solutions for trenching and laying/pulling fibre. I finally met up with my long-time email correspondent Benoit Felten, the principal analyst with Yankee Group in France, a really fun guy.

There is no doubt that the networking opportunities of these conferences are priceless. Having so many people together who share a common profession, interest and passion gives rise to excellent synergy.

My presentation on ’Satellite TV over Fibre’ was well attended and received. There is no doubt that ultra broadband video overlay on the ’third wavelength’ (1550 nm) is a wonderfully performant complement to IPTV, particularly since we can now add and transport satellite L-band QPSK signals without any modification.

Unloading potentially several Gbps per subscriber from the data link can radically diminish the delivery and backbone load, and thus reduce the CAPEX investment in a given network. The cost of implementing the third wavelength for TV (and digital radio) distribution over FTTH is minimal.

The FTTH Asia-Pacific Council AGM was held yesterday (Friday) and the coming year’s Board of Directors and office-bearers elected.

I was honored to be elected as vice-chair of the Technology and Architecture study group.

There is certainly lots to do in this arena as new FTTH technology and standards leap ahead.

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