The UFB last 20 km.

By John Nixon 05/07/2010

I’ve recently had multiple requests from housing estate developers as to what, how, when and where the planned UFB will affect their projects.

Understandably it’s costly and wasteful to install copper phone lines and television distribution systems if the planned fibre can carry the voice, data and video (which it can very easily).

The UFB data released so far from MED and CFH (Crown Fibre Holdings) makes little mention of how subscribers will be connected to the fibre backbone. My emailed enquiries to people who should know remain unanswered.

We have a very interesting Google group around the world linking many people involved with next generation fibre networks and Fibre to the Home. People like Paul Budde and Benoit Felten, (the instigator) regularly exchange information via this group.

Paul set me straight with the following information:

’ The model presented by the government will see it funding core dark fibre infrastructure and the commercial partners funding last-mile connections. Once the backbone is in place the local loop will not, in most cases, constitute a major stumbling block. ’

So it will be up to the Local Fibre Companies (once selected) to choose and install the gear to run the last 20km.

As there will probably be quite a number of LFCs chosen, one hopes that there will be some guidelines put into place as to the choice of standards adopted and conscious consideration give to the builders’ and developers’ concerns.

It is quite clear that some clear-language teaching and exchanges will be required between the LFCs and the building industry.

Now that the economic recession and building slump seem to be settling, there will be a new surge in home and apartment building. So let us hope that somebody soon initiates communication between these two groups so as to not waste valuable capital and resources.