FTTH Any News?

By John Nixon 28/07/2010

I’m back to New Zealand now from Australia.

At least things are calm and quiet here, the Gillard versus Abbott debate ramps up over there.

NBN is not the only election issue of course. But it is one of the three or four major issues.

For those interested, I would recommend you read the following reports:



Here we await the release of the list of Local Fibre Companies that will partner with Crown Fibre Holdings to start planning the national UFB network.

Somebody mentioned October. Yawn.

I truly prefer the laid-back lifestyle here in New Zealand, but why does everything take so long?

The average workers’ wage differential between Australia and New Zealand just worstened again by another $40 pw. The difference is now colossal.

What has this got to do with Fibre to the Home? Not much, but if we are to install and profit from vastly increased broadband speeds, there has to be an economic structure that keeps good people here, not there!