NBN – To Be or Not to Be // UFB -Steady as she goes

By John Nixon 10/08/2010

As we approach the Australian federal elections, the future of NBN (National Broadband Network) is on the chopping block.

I follow passionately the current debate, because the outcome, whichever way it goes, will have major repercussions for Australia’s economy. I have written about this project several times in the past, and am a firm believer in the long-term benefits of the NBN.

Yes the Labour party has accumulated many gaffes during its first mandate, but to kill the NBN (if the opposition wins the upcoming election) is pure folly.

There are so many reactions in the press today, I have just selected a few for those who share the interest in this incredible project with me. I really recommend you check out:

Where is the Opposition’s Broadband vision?

Why the NBN is better than sex

The National Broadband Network is a cultural project?

Well after those titilating tid-bits, we turn to New Zealand. where the subject is much lower key.

Telecom NZ, Chorus, Vector & Co, Vodafone, and all the other bidders will hopefully know who gets the business in a month or so.

There is an interesting twist today from Vector also some avid criticism of the slowness of the process and the apparent incompetence of the deciders.

Vector considers UFB alternative

Why New Zealand’s UFB Officials Have Lost Touch!

I must be totally P.C. here and state that the views held by the journalists are not necessarily mine!

It would be a fascinating outcome if the NBN gets canned in a few weeks, and good ‘ol New Zealand carries on with the UFB project, pulls it off, and goes to the top of the class!

The mind boggles!